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This category comprises products of the highest quality owing to either the artistic aspect, the production technique or the used material. This collection includes works of art made by the Living National Treasures as well as artistic products made 100% by hand, in accordance with the traditional production methods and with the use of natural, environment-friendly materials. 


Indigo - a natural dye of the plant origin, produced during the fermentation process of the plant, called in Japanese ai (Japanese indigo Persicaria Tinctoria). It allows obtaining a broad and varied range of colors, from off-white, through all shades of blue, to the deep navy-blue, which sometimes may seem black. It is particularly popular as a fabric used in the summer kimono - yukata, because it resembles the attributes of a summer sky and the sea. 

Once popular as the dye for children and samurai clothes due to its insect repelling and healing properties (soothes skin injuries and sores). 

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