Legal Notice

The Store uses „cookie files”. These are small text files that comprise information recorded in the IT system of the Store user, namely on a computer, a telephone or another device, which the user utilised to enter the online Shop. Such data can be read by the online Store.

These files collect data regarding the use of the online Shop by a Customer, and their main purpose is to facilitate to the Customer the use of the online Shop’s resources, in order to adjust the Shop’s website to the needs and expectations of a given user (the so-called customisation). Such data also allows to monitor the activity on the Store’s website, as well as to compare the frequency of use of given resources by a given user.  

The cookie files are used by the Store upon the user’s consent, which may be granted by means of appropriate settings of the used software, primarily the Internet browser, installed on the device utilised by the user to browse the online Shop’s resources. The user may also restrict or disable cookie files in his browser. In order to do that, the user shall set his browser in a way to block or to be notified before the recording of any cookie file on the device used to browse the online Store’s resources. Such limitations in the use of cookie files may result in the absence of the user’s access to some content of the online Store’s website and they may impede the functioning of some options available on the Store’s website.  

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